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Award Winning Published Master Photographer & Instructor - Rob Saunders

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About The Photographer

My name is Robert G. Saunders, Jr., and I own Creatively Captured Imagery & Filmworx an "Award Winning" photography service located in Raleigh, N.C. just off of I-40 East. We use the tagline "Capturing Precious Moments One Shot at a Time". Well, Forty years later this still holds true! Creatively Captured Imagery is your premier “One stop shop” for all of your modeling, music industry, business, school, real estate, and family photo needs. We specialize in weddings, maternity, graduations, proms, preschool, secondary school, modeling-all types, music artist photos, real estate photography, family, business, and special event photography. We also offer film editing & production of music videos, special events, and commercials for your business using some of the best digital and analog equipment on the market. We are always looking for new challenges to prove who we are based on our reputation & quality.

Top 10 Reasons To Use Us For Your Photography Needs:

1) Over 40 Years Of Professional & Courteous Service.......Always!

2) Prompt Arrival To Your Facility or Event and In Many Cases, Before Time!

3) Outstanding High Quality Imagery With A Release Form To Use As You Wish Without Excuses!!!

4) The Fastest Turnaround In The Industry. Most Cases 2 to 7 Days!

5) Lowest Prices / Highest Quality Without Sacrifice!

6) Never Any Sitting Or Hidden Fees. Everything Discussed Upfront Before Your Appointment. 7) High Quality Image Editing That Doesn't Change The Feel Of The Picture.

8) 5% To 15% Discount For Repeat Usage Of My Services. Look Out For Me & I Look Out For You!

9) Bonus Prizes Or Images For Awesome Referrals To Your Family & Friends!

10) A Very Fun, Relaxed, & Personal Shooting Experience. We Will Help You With Your Poses!

Please call us directly at 919-986-5558 or email us at creativelycapturedimagery@outlook.com for any questions you may have in reference to our services or the attached pricing sheet.


Robert "Rob Gee" Saunders, Jr.

Founder & CEO Creatively Captured Imagery & Filmworx

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